Stop Buying All Other Dog Toys, Now!

There you are, browsing through some sort of pet store or aisle that you probably don’t even need to be in since your dog already has more than he really needs. And then, you see it. The most adorable or coolest or just all around best toy ever. You smile as you think of how happy this toy will make them. You buy the toy, and on the ride home you imagine the look of joy your pup will have when they get to play with this toy. Once home, you excitedly show it to your dog. You begin to play, maybe even snap a few pictures to document this special occasion. And the moment you step away for a minute – the toy is absolutely destroyed and dismantled beyond recognition.  

Whether you have a bullmastiff or a teacup poodle, you have surely seen this play out. Stop buying normal dog toys, now!

Victor with his Hurley Bone

Victor is what you would call a power chewer. Now I will not claim that he is in a league of his own, but I will say that he is part of a selective league of elite chewers. Heck even little Viridian once chewed up an entire pack of three-blade razors from dollar shave club. Both of my dogs are capable of unsqueaker-ing the average squeak toy in a matter of minutes. They can sever any rope tug within one session. Regardless of what they are doing, dogs are rough players and they need tough toys. And we as owners love to spoil our dogs with toys that allow them to chew, play, and bond with us.  So let me introduce you to my all time favorite brand of dog toys.

West Paw is a dog toy company that is located in Montana and has been around since the mid-nineties. To begin with, they make truly indestructible toys. They have food puzzle toys, chew toys, frisbees, and plain ol’ balls that just last. In fact, they guarantee all of their durable toys.  If your muscle mutt happens to destroy one, then you just send it into the company and they replace it. Now my dogs have yet to destroy any of West Paw’s toys, but I do know of a day kennel owner that has successfully replaced multiple toys that were only destroyed after years of being chewed by hundreds of dogs.

These toys are more than just durable, they are actually really ingeniously fun. The Hurley Dog Bone is one of Victor’s favorites. He will happily chomp away at it while he is in his crate and barely notice whatever is going on around him. The Zisc is a super durable frisbee toy that is great for beginning to train your dog how to catch a disc. I had Victor use the Zisc until I knew that he would successfully drop it on command. Otherwise he would chew any otherwise he would instantly turned any of hyperlites amazing products into a pile of slobbery plastic. Probably my favorite o West Paw toy is their Bumi Tug Toy. It is this giant rubbery Z, that is just plain fun. Obviously it holds true to its name and make for a great game of tug-o-war. But even better, it is lightweight and bounces all over the place. Victory will run over to the toy and repeatedly fling it into the air over his head and then pounce on it the moment it lands. For me, I know we have a great toy when one of my dogs doesn’t even need me to enjoy a play session.

They even make some pretty durable soft toys. The Targhee Trout lasted twenty times longer than any plush toy we have ever owned. They also now have beds, leashes, and collars. While I have not tried the new products, I would have to imagine that they will be of the highest caliber that goes along with the West Paw company.

Alight, here are the added bonuses of West Paw. You can call me a stereotypical millennial, but when I make purchases I want to feel good about the company I am giving money too. West Paw toys are all made in the United States. They use environmentally friendly materials. Plus they add extra love by making all of their soft toys one at time. To some people, this sort of thing may not matter. But for me, I like it.

So from now on, when I find myself going through the pet aisle at T.J. Maxx or thinking that I need to spoil my dogs with a special object of fun, I will resist unless it is West Paw.

Share your experience with West Paw toys below. Also feel free to correct me, disagree with me, or tell me why I am wrong.



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